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We believe in responsible consumption: buying less while enjoying more. We want to make sure that our products last long and stay true to our impact. That’s why we put together this guide to help you take care of your purchased items. 



Structurally, our products are very simple and made to last. That being said, damages might sometimes occur.

In the event of damages due to use of the product throughout its lifetime, we suggest having the open seam on your item sewn up by the shoemaker, seamstress or tailor around the corner, rather than going through costly international shipments to get it back to us for repair. Should you still opt to send us the piece, you will be charged for the repair and you will also be responsible for shipping fees to and from Mogshade.

To start a repair request, please email our team with your order number, reason for the repair request and photos of the damaged item to


If your accessory gets wet, promptly hang or lay it flat to dry. Additionally, consider placing crumpled paper balls, like newspaper, inside to absorb excess moisture.

We advise against ironing, dry cleaning, and the use of washing machines and tumble dryers.

Before attempting to clean and remove spots or stains, always test cleaning methods in an inconspicuous area to ensure the mild detergent or the mild brushing will not alter the colour or the texture of the fabric. Try using warm water (max 30ºC).