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Welcome to the world of Mogshade, where golf accessories transcend the ordinary. Here, every swing tells a story, every putt is a precision of artistry, and every sartorial choice is an expression of self.

Mogshade offers a curated range of golf items proudly made in Portugal, a renowned hub of artisanal heritage where tradition and innovation converge. Our products span a spectrum of designs, from time-honoured local patterns to contemporary artistic motifs, all meticulously handcrafted by our local sewing partners Ana and Inês at Oficina Atelier.

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a novice taking your first steps on the green, Mogshade ensures your equipment receives the protection it deserves.

The team

The inception of Mogshade was nurtured in 2023 by the vision of Gabriele and Nicola, a dynamic Italian duo based in Lisbon. 

Gabriele, a novice golfer and skilled communication strategist, and Nicola, a passionate golf player, referee and coach with a background in environmental and human rights advocacy, blend their unique journeys and expertise to bring you a distinctive take on golf fashion.


Combining "Mog" for a touch of magic and "Shade" for dynamic contrast, our brand name was chosen to encapsulate the enchanting moments created by the interplay of shadows and light on the golf course.

Like sunlight filtering through leaves and branches, at Mogshade we weave mesmerising patterns, pouring in a passion for both the game and the art.